Top Payment Solutions in Nigeria

There has been a steady rise in the popularity of digital payment gateways in Nigeria. This development is a direct result of the extensive growth and penetration of internet across Nigeria, as well as the African continent at large. In recent times, there have been many payment gateways available in the finance industry, and many are integrated into the many online businesses and platforms across the continent.

Despite the rapid development of online payments processing companies, there is still a lot more to come from most. The efficiency of operations of these online patent solutions has allowed many mobile apps revolve around the, subsequent to understanding their endless capabilities.

Today, you will find numerous sophisticated mobile apps that offer payment options that are fast, efficient, and easy to use. Due to the finances which could be involved in business transactions, security is a top priority and mandatory  for all payment processing companies.

Let’s take a look into some of the payment solutions in Nigeria who’ve found their way up the ladder.


In the shortest time possible, Fliqpay has established itself as one of the leading players in the payment solutions industry. Fliqpay took advantage of its recent establishment to employ the latest technologies which helps serve customers in a safer, and easier manner.

Fliqpay offers different forms of payment solutions which automate payments and helps users in the daily running of their businesses. Data security is one of the focal point of Fliqpay, coupled with keeping payments ease and simplicity, while maintaining standards unmatched by other payment processing companies in Nigeria.

Regardless of the impressive services already in place and on offer for its users, Fliqpay is noted for its drive to be better by offering new products which are user-centered. This help user achieve business objectives and goals in a much shorter period of time.


Paystack is one of the popular payment solutions in Nigeria. This teeming popularity is due to the longevity and trust which the brand has built over the years of its existence in the Nigerian finance industry. This payment gateway offer services in Nigeria, as well as other numerous countries in Africa. Quick sign ups, coupled with smooth completion of transactions are exclusive features which has made Paystack credible within its user base.

Paystack comes with a mobile app which allow users access to all services accessible. With cheaper fees charged per transaction, Paystack easily is one of the top payment solutions around in the country.

Rave by Flutterwave

Flutterwave is an international payment solution, having Rave as one of its subsidiaries. It has proved to be one of the perfect payment solutions for many businesses due to its wider reach and countries which it’s operations are accepted. Despite the fees involved in integrating the services of Rave into an e-commerce, Rave has seen an increase in its number of users over the years.

Rave process and allow users make transactions in ways to suit the different requirements of each user. Rave has a wide range of services which incorporate all available payment options to selectively suit the needs of your business.


The establishment of VoguePay since 2012 makes it one of the pioneers of payment solutions in Nigeria. Users on VoguePay are eligible to make payment through their current account on the platform without having to be subjected to the long, straining processes which some other payment solutions in Nigeria allow. The integration of VoguePay on your e-commerce business increase the possibilities of transactions and lower cart abandonment.

VoguePay is usually available on many e-commerce platforms across the country. This is why this payment solution is specifically designed to provide an easy way out for any possible payment problem users might likely run into. Security of transactions is of huge importance on VoguePay as Fraud detection and customer verification are some of the features which users here enjoy.


This is one of the most secure payment solutions you can find in the finance industry today. This is not surprising considering the ownership of the payment solution by a traditional bank in Nigeria, know as GTBank. GTPay makes digital sales easier globally and is an all-in-one monetization platform that maximizes revenue. Users of the GTPay enjoy 24/7 technical support, as well as a dedicated account manager to help users with any possible issues.

Data security and privacy are assured by GTPay. The payment solution strives to solve the complexities of global digital commerce and offers subscription billing services.

Interswitch Webpay

Interswitch is a very popular payment solution in Nigeria, as it was one of the first few payment solutions to be established in Nigeria. In a few years of operation in the country, Interswitch made itself a household name. Integrating Interswitch Webpay in your e-commerce ensures users get the best digital billing services at the lowest price.

The gateway is equipped with technologies to enable all kinds of money transactions, including credit cards. Recurring payment collection is yet another feature Interswitch Webpay has to offer.

Cash Envoy

Cash Envoy is a robust payment solution which process payments in a seamless and secure manner. It is also one of the well known payment solutions in Nigeria. Cash Envoy has a great insight to modern day payment demands, especially concerning payment processing. This is why the services are modeled in such a way that it meets all the payment demands many businesses require today.

Cash Envoy is recognized by many top businesses in Nigeria, thanks to the user-centered services offered by the payment processing company. The services of Cash Envoy is recognized by many top businesses in Nigeria, adding to the credibility to offer quality payments services to large enterprise.


Remita is one unique payment gateway platform that helps businesses and individuals to accept and manage online transactions anywhere in the world. It provides complete solutions to process online payments and also offers great features like custom UI toolkit, embeddable checkout, consolidated reports and much more.

Remita is a considerably fantastic payment gateway that ensures the seamless movement  of funds in your business while connecting with the application interface that enables you to prevent frauds with great security, manage revenue and drive sales globally. It also provides an open API that helps in integrating with your business ecosystem.


PayU is a popular global payment gateway that allows businesses to accept online payments from buyers around the globe. It has many features and localized payment options that help both merchants and customers to make the payment process streamlined.

It is an African-based payment gateway that supports multiple payment methods and transactions worldwide. It is secure and reliable, having over 50,000 merchants using PayU all over the continent. It supports 8 different payment methods, 15 languages, and 87 different currencies in global markets.


SimplePay is a payment gateway that provides strong infrastructure and security to ensure smooth, fast and secure transfer of transactional data. It handles the routing of transactions, albeit in an online setting without software installation, just like the card swiping machine.

It has the merchant base of over 100,000 around the world. It helps to accept payments securely, providing a streamlined experience, enables scaling and number of other value-adding features. It’s a fully integrated electronic check payment system that accepts and processes payments from other bank accounts through the user’s website or the SimplePay’s virtual terminal.

Payment Gateways – A Future Analysis

As you might already know, the future of global business is online. This is a fact due to so many opportunities that an online presence offers, which exceed any benefit which traditional business may offer to merchants. As a result, payment automation will definitely command huge demands, as well as payment solution integration through mobile apps and web.

Fliqpay clearly is at the forefront in bringing the future of payment solutions to its users. Many of the features on offer for users are unique and innovative, coupled with the user-centered approach adopted to make payments efficient, safe, and faster.

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