Simplifying B2B Payments with Fliqpay

The payment landscape is continuously being simplified and optimised by leveraging the emerging payment technologies in line with consumer expectations. Today, automation by electronic means is a key driver of seamless payment experience.

Although electronic transactions have gained some momentum for business-to-consumer payments, business-to-business (B2B) payments represent an even greater opportunity. B2B payments directly impact the cash flow of a company, are larger than business to consumer payments and produce valuable data across customer and supply chain.

What Are B2B Payments?

B2B payments are payments made between two merchants for goods or services. Unlike B2C payments, B2B payments are typically impacted by a variety of complexities such as volume, frequency, regulation, payment processes and even people involved.

Traditionally, businesses have used 5 methods for B2B payments: wire transfers, electronic bank transfers, checks, credit cards and payment gateways. While paper checks are still the most common way for businesses to pay each other, digital B2B payment solutions have proven to be more effective as it speeds up issuing, receiving, and processing payments and helps to improve cash flow.

In light of the complexity of B2B payments, more and more businesses are opting for trackable, digital payment options. Digital payments have significant advantages over traditional: improved security, simplicity, and big cost-savings.

How Fliqpay Helps

Going digital with B2B payments simply makes it easier for any business to send, receive and process money. Simple automation that streamlines your processes and can make incoming cash flows quicker and more effective, helping you avoid issues that lead to the failure of so many businesses, who doesn't want that?

Fliqpay helps businesses to send secure B2B cross-border payments in multiple currencies seamlessly. If you are running operations in multiple countries, need to pay suppliers across the globe or settle invoices, Fliqpay enables you make these B2B payments with ease.

Global businesses can make B2B payments with Fliqpay into crypto addresses and in different currencies such as NGN🇳🇬, GHS🇬🇭, KES🇰🇪, ZAR🇿🇦, GBP🇬🇧, USD🇺🇸 and more at the best rates without hidden fees.

Fliqpay provides quicker delivery and local settlement, guarantees swift distribution of payments to bank accounts, mobile money accounts or cryptocurrency wallets, and monitoring of transactions in real time.

How it Works

  1. Simply contact us to set up your account.
  2. Fund your wallet with any local or digital currency we support.
  3. Select country and payment destination.
  4. Input beneficiary details.
  5. Send payments securely.

Borders should not be a barrier to making payments and scaling globally, start your borderless B2B payments journey with Fliqpay today. Fliqpay is safe, secure and licensed by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada.

We are a fintech company that is revolutionizing payments using blockchain technology. We provide businesses with a cryptocurrency payment gateway and also offer a cross border payment solution.
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