Fliqpay x Conflux

Earlier this week we completed a partnership with public blockchain network Conflux.
Conflux Network is an open protocol for a new world of DApps, finance, and Web 3.0. Conflux is the only blockchain in the world to achieve a transaction processing speed of 5.76 GB/h while confirming transactions in 4.5-7.4 minutes.

The partnership will enable us to leverage Conflux’s state of the art blockchain to ensure faster payment processing. As well as cheaper settlement for cross-border transactions.

As part of the partnership we will be collaborating with Conflux to increase cryptocurrency and blockchain education across various platforms and communities.
Additionally, the partnership will help both us and Conflux to develop solutions that will result in everyday cryptocurrency use cases.

Here’s a word about the partnership from our new friends at Conflux;

This is the first step of a long-lasting partnership in the age of decentralization. Many more opportunities are within reach, like Fliqpay building a decentralized wallet on the Conflux Network, utilizing cross-chain technology for interoperability, making Fliqpay’s platform scalable as well as available to more businesses, connecting more communities and embracing the shift into the era of open finance together.

Ehis Omozusi
Regional Marketing Manager for Africa

On our end here’s what the partnership means for us;

The partnership will enable us to deliver on our promise of helping African businesses to offer their products and services to anyone in the world by accepting cryptocurrency payments and getting instant settlement in their local currency.
As well as faster and cheaper settlement of cross-border transactions for financial institutions.

Wole Ayodele
Chief Executive Officer

We are thrilled by the partnership and look forward to the incredible work that we will do together.

We are a fintech company that is revolutionizing payments using blockchain technology. We provide businesses with a cryptocurrency payment gateway and also offer a cross border payment solution.
Lagos and Toronto